Print Marketing Supports Digital Promotions

Times are Changing,

Remember driving to your local video rental store and walking up and down the aisles for half an hour trying to find a "new" movie to watch? It seems like those days were so long ago, but in reality it was less than 10 years ago. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and with that is also the consumer preference. This type of change means retailers have to shift their focus from traditional strategies to newer, digital solutions.

While most of the largest retailers are now utilizing digital promotions, it doesn't mean they are successful at it. Oftentimes, digital promotions are thought of as a way to drive online sales, not in-store sales. That simply is not true.

How so? Take a look at Target's Cartwheel app. People walk through the store with the app open, searching for deals on products in hand. Of course when you are browsing the offers, you just might find a good deal on something you didn't intend to purchase at that moment. So while the app can save the customer money, it's driving more in-store sales.

The Struggle Is Real

One of the issues retailers face, is that they don't want to spend a fortune promoting these digital promotions, and therefore not as many people are aware of them. So how can you fix that?

Print Marketing Saves The Day

To promote your digital solutions to non-users and boost sales, we suggest using topper and dangler signage near the related products and/or throughout the store to educate people on how to use your app or promotions.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to print marketing in the retail space. Consider getting creative with floor graphics, or giant displays or cut-outs. I mean, who could ignore a 7 foot cell-phone?

QR codes and NFC tags are also a great way to combine in-store marketing with digital marketing. We all know how QR codes work, but NFC tags will take you directly to a website when your phone is simply near the display. Users just need to have an NFC connecting app downloaded to their device.


On this particular display, the NFC tag takes users to a site where they could download Game of War for free.

Can you think of somewhere you may want to link to throughout your store? Try sending customers directly to the download page for your mobile or loyalty app.

We're here to help you with your print marketing needs, from planning to execution. Contact us for more information and/or to request a quote.