Ground Breaking Floor Graphics

Ground Breaking Floor Graphics

Want a great, unique way to grab attention? Consider using floor graphics. Most people (and I say most because we all know someone who doesn't pay attention to their peripheral vision) notice these right away. Plus, the more creative you get, the more your audience will stop to look at and understand what the graphic is about.

Hole in the Floor Graphic

As you can see in the example above, there are some fun ways that floor graphics can be used. One of our favorites is the depth/perception trick. Floor graphics can be designed to make it seem like there is a hole in the ground, a puddle, etc.

We also love the use of floor decals to lead the consumers somewhere. Just follow the yellow brick road below...

Yellow Brick Road Floor Decal

Of course you can make a statement on stairs too! From certain angles, stair graphics will really come to life.

Stair Advertising

Where can these be used?

Just about anywhere! Floor decals are perfect for trade shows, events and retail spaces. Adhesive graphics can even be used on carpeting and outdoors on sidewalks and streets.

Take a look at some more ground graphics C2 Imaging has produced:

For more floor graphic examples, click the photo below to view our Flickr album:

Floor Graphics

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