Graphics on Storefront Windows Help Push In-Store Traffic and Sales

Window graphics are a key component to brick and mortar advertising. While your logo helps to identify your store, you can also use storefront windows to compete with neighboring businesses and reinforce your brand. Do this by showcasing products and services, promotions and more.

Driving Foot Traffic and In-Store Sales

We know some retailers struggle to compete with online sales, but there are many strategies you can implement to drive more traffic to your store and increase in-store sales. 

Bob Phibbs, of The Retail Doctor, suggests using your window display to tell a visual story. "If you are in a popular destination with great foot traffic, create a great window that tells one story and tells it well. Your window display must be your invitation to the passerby. A well-designed window display encourages impulse sales and peaks a customer’s curiosity. It might even tug at their heartstrings."

Project Examples

Take a look at some of these window graphics C2 Imaging has produced for storefront marketing solutions.

See more of our window graphics project examples here.

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