Graphics Make Product Displays Pop

These Creative Retail Displays Support Point-of-Purchase Advertising

Whether shopping for a specific item or just browsing, retail shoppers are often inspired by or persuaded by Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising.

Think of your typical retail store. The goal of their advertising is to either get you in store or online. After being intrigued by the window display or digital marketing and visiting the store, the goal is to now get you to purchase certain products. So how do marketers do that?

Retail display marketing is an effective way to reach consumers one last time before they make a purchase decision. POP advertising can include wall graphics, posters, floor graphics, product displays, and hanging signs. Consumers see these and are easily influenced by the marketing. It sparks feelings of want and need. These needs aren’t too far out of reach because the advertising is statically placed near the products.

Take a look at some POP marketing C2 Imaging has produced.

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