Graphics for Corporate Environments

The Importance of Graphics in the Corporate Environment

Why are graphics important in corporate environments? Visuals and graphics reflect company culture. Tell a story about your company’s history, mission and values that connect the people who are driving your business. Not only does this boost employee morale by creating an exciting workplace, but it reinforces your brand.

“A significant and recognizably branded interior can reinforce corporate values and processes while also inspiring the staff,” says Rick D’Amato, a Principal at the architecture and planning firm, LPA, Inc. “Branding is most effective when it is used to illustrate a narrative while creating a branded ‘lifestyle.’"

Pushing Health Initiatives

Graphics should also be used to promote health and benefits programs available to employees. Why? Ultimately, if you have healthy teammates you'll see happier, more focused employees, less sick time being used and a reduction in health insurance premiums. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Work Examples

Of the many graphics we have produced and installed for internal company use, we have seen these solutions applied to walls, windows, elevators, stairs, floors, glass meeting room walls, break rooms and much more.

Take a look at some of our project examples in the video below.


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