Since 1981 we have been building on our experience and capabilities to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Our company was created more than 30 years ago with one goal in mind: To offer our customers the widest range of integrated digital media graphics solutions available anywhere in the world; we're doing just that.

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The value of C2 Imaging lies within our people and our culture.

With over 1,000 employees and 19 manufacturing facilities, our reach expands across the US and Canada. What sets us apart though, is that in addition to printing, we work as design, marketing and strategic consultants to bring your brand to new heights.

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Our services include an exceptionally wide range of the latest printing technologies.

We provide solutions through Digital Printing, Dye-Sublimation, Large and Small Format Digital printing, Lithography and Screen Printing, allowing us to approach your projects at every angle, offering you the greatest output for the most cost effective price.

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  • Small Format Materials for Seasonal Promotions

    Using Small Format Printed Materials for Seasonal Promotions Retail and restaurant clients take advantage of the holidays and seasons as a way to spin promotions, introduce seasonal items and change up their marketing…

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  • Graphics for Corporate Environments

    The Importance of Graphics in the Corporate Environment Why are graphics important in corporate environments? Visuals and graphics reflect company culture. Tell a story about your company’s history, mission and values that connect…

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  • Transforming a Venue for an Event

    Contracting a venue for your event or conference? Branding the space is an important part of marketing. You want your attendees to feel immersed and not lost in a hotel. We have a…

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